Konferensrapporter 2018

Konferensrapporter 2017

Rapport från Workshop 170516

IEA Bioenergy ExCo-workshop “The role of industrial biorefineries in a low-carbon economy”

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Konferensrapporter 2016

GREAT-project's Brussels seminar 2016 161109

Alternative fuels with a cross-border perspective – The Nordic Example

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Norsk Industri, NHO Logisikk og transport, Logistikkforeningen og Norsk Havneforening konferens 161017 - 161018

Transport- og logistikk-konferansen

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Atbest conference 160907-160908

ATBEST Conference: Biogas for the future – towards a sustainable and efficient supply chain

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Konferensrapporter 2015

Rapport från EBA Workshop 150903 Bryssel

Future of biomethane production – will cross-border trade be feasible?

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