13 juni -

Biogas Liquefaction Technology Workshop

Samsø has a LNG fueled ferry and we are planning to start producing biogas for local liquefaction in 2018/19. To liquefy biomethane in small scale is not standard technology, but the demand for this type of solution for biogas plants without access to gas grid is expected to increase in the future.

The purpose of the workshop is to reduce technological uncertainties for potential investors. When investors are convinced, we expect to tender a liquefaction plant in 2018. We plan this open process to share as much info as possible for an interested audience:

  • Gather technology providers and decision makers to discuss technological aspects and scaling issues of upgrading and liquefaction of biogas into Liquid Biomethane
  • The case of Samsø Field-to ferry biogas concept should be the case for discussion with perspectives for scaling
  • To unveil technology challenges, investment and production costs, energy consumption, methane losses etc.

There will be a panel of relevant experts to ask questions after the presentations, as this needs specialized knowledge.

Expected guests: Biogas 2020 (www.biogas2020.se) and Go-LNG (www.golng.eu) partners – including their professional networks and decision makers.

Download the invitation and programme here


Monday, June 12th, 2017

– Optional show around on the bunkering station in Hou (Jutland) 13-14, ferry show-around 14.30-15.30
– Potential meeting with mayor and other key stakeholders individually
– Lodging and dinner

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 – Biogas Liquefaction workshop

Location: Samsø Energy Academy, Strandengen 1, 8305 Samsø

10.45- 11.00
Welcome by Marcel Meijer, Mayor of Samsø

11.00- 11.10
Presentation of ‘expert panel’:
– PlanEnergi, Samsø Technical Department, Samsø Rederi, Samsø Harbours, Kosan Crisplant

Knud Tybirk, Samsø Biogas IVS: Field to Ferry case presentation including the Liquefaction challenge and project GO-LNG scope

Kosan Crisplant: The LNG bunkering solution in Hou used for the ferry Princess Isabella

Air Liquide: Experiences and proposed solution for the Samsø Case plus Q&A


CryoPur: Experiences and proposed solution for the Samsø Case incl. Q&A

StirLNG/Pentair experiences and proposed solution for the Samsø Case incl. Q&A

Coffee break

Nærenergi/Cryobox: experiences and proposed solution for the Samsø Case plus Q&A

General discussion of scope and scale for liquefaction

Dinner hosted by Samsø Municipality

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
Potentially individual meetings with decision makers /technical department.

09.00-12.00 GO-LNG WP6 meeting at Samsø Municipality

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