11 september – 12 september

Green Gas Poland 2018

Welcome to the first Green Gas Poland 2018 – an international conference of biogas and biomethane producers. This is a new, extended formula of the Biogas Forum, organized in the years 2013-2017 by the Union of Producers and Employers of Biogas Industry.

As part of a two-day event, in an opinion-forming group, there will be debates on the most important and current topics related to the challenges, prospects and opportunities facing the Polish and European biogas and biomethane industries. They will be accompanied by lectures and discussions on innovation in the biogas and biomethane sector, combined with the presentation of modern technological solutions.

The conference topics will focus on the following issues:

  • the latest legal regulations regarding functioning in the biogas and biomethane industry
  • experience of biogas plant owners – good practices related to the selection of substrates, digestate management and use of heat
  • perspectives related to the use of biomethane and biohydrogen
  • environmental fees related to biogas combustion
  • biogas plant and property tax
  • optimization of energy sales
  • biogas plants in energy clusters and energy cooperatives
  • investment financing and loan restructuring
  • innovative technological solutions for installations producing biogas and biomethane.

Participation will guarantee you:

  • gaining knowledge about best practices for business development
  • the opportunity to discuss with the most prominent practitioners and experts
  • behind-the-scenes meetings with friends and partners, including a dinner with the Competition Gala ”Biogas Ambassador 2018″, ”Biogas Plant 2018″ and ”Biogas Supplier of the year 2018″
  • individual meetings with suppliers and getting acquainted with their most current offer.


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