20 mars – 23 mars

NGV Global 2017

Welcome to NGV GLOBAL 2017

Natural gas, whether CNG, LNG or RNG (renewable natural gas), continues to broaden its appeal and range of applications as a fuel for transportation. As such, NGV Global looks forward to delivering a multi-stream event that incorporates road, water and rail sectors.

Whether it be heavy duty transporters, light and medium duty vehicles, inland waterways barges, coastal vessels, LNG bunkering, LNG-CNG-RNG-Bio-methane filling stations, compression, gas storage, small scale LNG and so much more, the world’s leading natural gas for transportation association will bring together all the threads that demonstrate why natural gas is here for at least another 100 years.

Rotterdam is an exemplar of this development, with CNG, LNG, bunkering, fleets, stations and a supporting government all in evidence. Delegates, exhibitors and visitors will find information, opportunities for business development and networking, and much to satisfy their commercial interests while also taking time to enjoy this vibrant city.

Selection of Rotterdam as a venue has received strong expressions of support from Europe’s two major natural gas vehicle associations, NGVA Europe and NGV Italy.

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